1966 Chevrolet

Corvette Stingray



Here at Kuyoth Body & Custom we are proud to offer this absolutely beautiful 1966 Chevrolet Corvette powered by the believed to be original 390 HP 427 big block paired to a manual 4 speed Muncie transmission. Chevrolet's big contribution to the Swinging

60s was the introduction of the 427 Turbo-Jet big-block in the Corvette. Available with either a 390 HP or a detuned race version” that pumped out 425 HP, either engine is worthy of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde status easily lopes down the highway, but drop down a gear or two and you'd best hang on as the revs swell. The 427 cars received a new hood in 1966 with a power bulge to accommodate the massive powerplant.

This Corvette has received a comprehensive restoration and is very well equipped with Factory air conditioning, power disc brakes, power steering, leather seats and an AM/FM stereo. This car looks just as good in person as the photos portray. Excellent running and driving 66 Vette. www.kuyothbody.com Email kuyothent@gmail.com or call 715-687-4522

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